Sunday, August 16, 2009

Natural Liver Cleanse

Another important organ that you definitely should cleanse and detox is the liver. Doing a natural liver cleanse will help your liver by flushing out the toxins that it cannot get by itself. Your liver works extremely hard and filters a liter of blood every minute. It removes the toxins from the blood and sends it down through to the kidneys and colon to be processed out of the body. It also creates bile for your body to digest food. This is just a few of the things your liver does for you.

Now, about the cleansing part. There are a ton of these natural cleanse products on the market for you to choose from. Some of them are going to be more intense than others, so it will be up to you on how far you want to go on your liver cleanse. When you are shopping for a liver cleanse online, make sure you try to find some good reviews. There is so many of them out there, and you want to know which ones are going to work well and give you the results you are looking for.

What some natural liver cleanses will offer in one of the benefits is the removal of gall stones. These gall stones are stored in the gallbladder and there can be hundreds of these little green balls in there. You do not want them in your body. A lot of people are amazed of the things that come out of our body.

There is a really good book called The Amazing Liver Cleanse that a lot of people have reviewed, and they gave it a good rating. It gives you information and recipes on how to do a natural liver cleanse, but the book is around 140 dollars new, and you can get it from around 60 dollars used.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Healthy ways to do a Kidney Cleanse

There are a lot of ways to do a healthy kidney cleanse. You can choose from a wide range of all natural products that are made from herbs. After searching around for kidney cleanses, I found all natural herbal products and the prices range from around 10 dollars to 30 dollars. Another method is to purchase a ton of watermelon, sit in a tub full of water, eat it all day and urinate while then and there. That might not sound like the best way of removing kidney stones and cleansing, but some people are willing to do it.

Other conventional kidney cleanses are pills that you are to take that require you to take pills each day. One cleanse is called the Total Kidney Cleanse and can be picked up for 30 dollars. It is possible that you might be able to find it a little cheaper after doing some searching. If you need, you can use the search bar on the top of this website. The Total Kidney Cleanse has you take one pill in the morning with breakfast, and then you would take another pill during dinner. You do this for 30 days and it cleanses your kidney so it can be healthier. You should cleanse your kidney because of the toxins and materials that can settle in your kidney. When toxins and materials are settling inside your kidneys, they can start forming stones and not work as efficient as they should be working.

There are also more expensive kidney cleanse packages that involve more than just taking some pills each day. One cleanse is called the Kidney Cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark. This cleanse is a 3 week program with 8 different items. It will involve a little more, and it costs around 50 dollars. I myself have not used it, but there have been some good reviews.

With all cleanses that you are going to use, you should drink plenty of water to help the process. Your body is mainly made up of water, and you should be drinking a lot of water each day regardless. The suggested amount of water to drink in an adult is 2 liters. That is not counting if you are doing a cleanse. Drink a little more while doing cleanses. When you are drinking more water and doing a kidney cleanse, you are allowing your body to get rid of the toxins and unwanted material at a much smoother pace.

When you are done with your natural kidney cleanse, you should keep drinking a lot of water to help flush your kidneys and rid it of toxins. Doing this will keep them healthier and decrease the chances of kidney stones. To be safe, you could always do a natural kidney cleanse each year.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Natural Kidney Cleanse

There are a lot of choices for you to choose from when it comes to a natural kidney cleanse. You probably do not know which one you will choose yet, or maybe you do. They come in a variety of products and you can buy them from health stores that are either online or in your town. It is better to keep your kidneys free from stones and toxins instead of waking up one day to pain in one or both of your kidneys. Natural kidney cleanses can come in a lot of different forms of herbal ingredients.

But it is important to cleanse your kidneys. I do not know about you, but I can't imagine having a kidney stone exit my body while it is still a large stone. It is a good idea to do a kidney cleanse, and then you can change the way you eat and drink fluids to prevent them from happening in the future.

The thing with kidneys is that you won't be having any symptoms of failure or anything until 70% of damage has been done to the kidney. That is right, a whopping 70%. So that means that meanwhile your kidney is getting damage, you will not know it until a good deal of damage has already incurred. There is a large number of people each year who go to see a doctor or admitted to the emergency room because of kidney stones. Go here to check out what kidney stones are like: Kidney Stones

There are a lot of natural kidney cleanses. One cleanse that I have stumbled on is the Total Kidney Cleanse by Renew Life. As I was looking around for a new kidney cleanse to do, I found that one. It does have some good reviews on it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Acai Berry Cleanse

Using the Acai Berry in cleansing has been a relatively new wave. The Acai Berry is also called Euterpe Oleracea. The Acai Berry has 300% more antioxidants than normal fruits! This fruit does not excrete much juice, but the little juice that comes from it is packed with nutritional essentials. While taking an Acai Berry cleanse you will be getting the some essential nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

You can flush out bad toxins that are swarming through your body and feel great about it with the Acai Berry cleanse. Some people also consider the Acai berry cleanse a diet because you can lose weight while doing it! What this cleanse can do is clear your colon, which is your large intestine, of all the undigested build up. There is a layer of this all along your intestinal wall, and this wall prevents the nutrients from absorbing into your body fast. Some of the nutrients that you eat from food is just passed along and not used up at all because of this. An Acai Berry cleanse can clear this build up of mucus and dead material in your body. Nutrients can be absorbed better, and you can actually get more energetic from it.

Eating or taking Acai berry can also help the anti aging process. When you breathe, the oxygen enters your body and reacts with the iron that is present in your body. When they react they release what are called radicals, and these radicals speed up the aging process in you. The antioxidants in the Acai berry help reduce the radicals, and in turn slows down the aging process! An Acai berry cleanse is extremely beneficial to your body because it not only give you a good body cleanse, but it also gives your body a load of good nutrients.

Stay tuned to find more information on an Acai Berry Cleanse

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Natural Colon Cleanse

There are a lot of natural colon cleanse products on the market. I myself have tried a good amount of them. There are a lot of people who use these products, and they do not follow the instructions all the way or quit early. Those are the same people who go out and tell the whole world that "so and so" product does not work. Well, just like everything in this world, just because one person could not do it, it does not mean you can.

A natural colon cleanse is made of herbal ingredients. One example of that is the Colonix cleanse, or also the Lemon Cleanse. These two are just a very small example of the others out there, but I just decided to list those. When you are reading and trying to figure out what cleanse you want to go for, make sure you read up on everything each individual cleanse can do for you. You should have a goal set for cleansing out your body. Say if your only goal was to cleanse your colon, then you could find a cleanse that does just that. Or, if you found a cleanse that cleanses your colon and on top of that, it cleans out other organs of your body, then maybe you might want that instead. The choice is completely up to you. Let me mention another thing that will be a huge deciding factor. This is also a reason why people quit and ironically say the product does not work because they saw no results.

When you are reading and trying to find the right cleanse that is for you, make sure you read what that natural cleanse expects you to do. For example, the Lemon Cleanse I linked to above requires than you can only drink that special mix and water. You have to do that for at minimum 10 days for any good results. Now, do you think you can possibly go 10 days without eating anything? The Lemon Cleanse drink does give you the nutrients your body needs, and all you do when you are hungry is drink more of it. That is one thing that makes people quit. The actual act of doing the cleanse and following the instructions eventually leads them to quit because they do not have the motivation to finish. Other temptations or regular activities will lead them to stop using the cleanse. So make sure you know what you are getting into before you decide on starting a certain cleanse.

So what does a natural colon cleanse do? There is a build up of what people call "gunk" in your body, especially in your colon. Think of your body as a sewage. Over time there will be a huge build up in your sewage pipes and somethings got to clean it out. Some experts say there is approximately 10 to 20 pounds of this gunk built up in your body. That is a lot of stuff. Not only does this gunk have some weight to it, it decreases your body's ability to be efficient at digesting food and getting rid of it. Another this is not all the nutrients that you eat are absorbed because of this. Some of them actually just pass through your body. Some people have said that after doing a colon cleanse, they did not have to eat as much to get the same amount of energy. A natural colon cleanse can make you feel great if you follow the instructions all the way through.

My friend's mother is avid about information from online health sources, and very keen on cleansing her body every year. She has a good reason to cleanse every year. She feels better after doing them, and her skin looks much brighter.

Sometimes it helps to do a natural colon cleanse at the same time as another person, maybe a friend or family member. That way you are not doing it alone, and if you have any questions or anything you can talk with that person. A lot of people do it, and sometimes it is fun talking about what each one of you found in the toilet! Okay, I do know some people like to joke about that :) Just remember to follow through on any product you use so you get the full benefit of a natural colon cleanse.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Inexpensive Colon Cleanse

Right now you are going to learn about an inexpensive colon cleanse. This Colon Cleanse is also regarded as the Master Cleanse, Lemon Cleanse, Lemonade Cleanse, and Lemon Cleanse Diet. They are all different names, but they are the same thing. Since people got wind that Beyonce Knowles used this inexpensive colon cleanse, it grew extremely popular. It was even talked about on Oprah Winfrey's show. The main issue was this cleanse became more popular because it was viewed as a diet. A lot of people wanted to do this cleanse because they were told they will lose weight. A person can lose weight from this cleanse, but that is not the soul purpose of doing it.

This inexpensive colon cleanse is very simple. It is so simple, you might actually fail and quit the cleanse too early.

Here are the ingredients for this Lemon Cleanse:
* 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
* 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
* 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
* 10 oz of filtered water

That is it, nothing else. Now, this cleanse requires that you use fresh squeezed lemon juice. Do not bother taking this colon cleanse if you are not going to use the fresh squeezed lemons. Also, another important fact is you must also used Grade B Maple Syrup. This does not have all the added sugar and unnecessary things that are added to regular maple syrup you use at the breakfast table. The cayenne pepper helps keep your blood vessels open so your blood can flow better. That recipe above is enough for one serving. If you want you can make more servings like 4 or 5 at a time, but it must be consumed within the same day. To make it even more straight forward: if you make it in the morning, consume the lemon cleanse before the afternoon comes. Do not drink caffeine with this cleanse, as it just reverses what the cayenne pepper is trying to do.

Now, so far this inexpensive colon cleanse does not seem too hard. It has a small recipe list, and all you have to do is just drink it. Well, now you are going to hear the part where this cleanse gets difficult. You cannot eat or drink anything but this Lemon Cleanse and water for 10 days. Let me repeat that to make it clear. While on this Lemon Cleanse, all you are allowed to consume is Water and this Lemon Cleanse. This does sound hard, but when you get hungry, you should just make more of the Lemon Cleanse mixture and drink that. This drink has the vitamins and minerals that you need, so your body will be able to work with this cleanse. People have done this cleanse for a full 45 days. Yes, 45 days of only having the Lemon Cleanse and Water.

Ten days is the recommended and minimum time you should take this colon cleanse for. Hey, this colon cleanse is inexpensive. I did not say it was easy. If you want to see results from this cheap colon cleanse, then you need to stick it out for at least 10 days. Make sure you drink plenty of water to help flush toxins and all the other bad things out of your body. The first couple days will be the hardest, especially if you are tempted with regular food. Unless you have a strong will power, do not do this cleanse before a special event of yours. The next part is extremely important.

When you are done drinking this inexpensive colon cleanse, you must wean your body back to eating regular food. If you eat regular food like a steak the moment you are done with your lemon cleanse, you can have some serious problems. After 10 days of your body only processing this Lemon Cleanse, it is not ready to go full force and digesting regular food like a burger or anything.

  • The first day off of the Lemon Cleanse, you should only drink Orange Juice. If this does not settle well with you, you can dilute it with water, and add a couple table spoons of maple syrup to your Orange Juice.
  • Day two can be a small step up. You can drink Orange Juice, and you can also drink Fruit and/or Vegetable Juice. You should squeeze your own juice.
  • Third day you can begin to actually eat fruits and vegetables. Salads are also welcome, if you can eat it with no dressing, the better.
  • The fourth day off the Lemon Cleanse you can begin eating regular food. Make sure you eat is half fruits and vegetables, and maybe a healthy sandwich.
  • The fifth day you can go back to eating regular foods, but do not stuff yourself

Now you are done with your colon cleanse. The lemon cleanse is one way to do an Inexpensive Colon Cleanse.

How to do a Natural Body Cleanse

How to do a Natural Body Cleanse

That is the whole theme behind this blog. It is to give everyone a free resource on how to naturally cleanse their body. There are a lot of products out there to choose from, and sometimes it helps to explain what each one can do. A lot of people are beginning to start their first cleanse, and maybe they do not know where to start. That is where this blog comes in.

Every type of cleanse will be talked about here. Whether you are looking for a kidney cleanse, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, or any other kind of cleanse, it will be talked about here.

Not every natural cleanse is the same. Some require you to completely change your daily life, and a lot of cleanses require you to focus and work hard. There is potentially a lot of gunk built up in your body. This can include toxins, parasites, undigested food, and more. Now, I do not know about you, but the sound of that stuff being in my body does not sound good. That is why it is helpful to naturally cleanse your whole body a couple times or more a year. Just like you go to the car repair shop to clean out some parts and make sure it is running smooth, you need to try your body the same. Think of a natural cleanse as your body as getting an oil change. Sure, your car can go a long time without getting an oil change, but a bunch of metals and gunk builds up in the oil. After so much gunk builds up in that oil, your engine will blow. Now, your body parts aren't simply going to blow because you didn't cleanse them. That was some what an exaggerated comparison. But it does help your body run its normal course when it is clean and free of toxins, unnecessary metals, parasites, and all the bad things.

There are cleanses for every bodily organ you can think of. Some natural cleanses are focused on individual body parts, and other body cleanses focus on multiple body parts. It all depends on what you choose to cleanse. It would be a good idea to cleanse your whole body over time. A natural cleanse will help you feel much better and have more energy. You would be surprised how much gunk gets piled in your body because it could not finish breaking down everything you consumed. Not only that, but your body is also filtering the air that you breathe. Where do you think all that pollution goes after you inhale it? It goes right into your body. Your body is a giant filter. When a filter gets dirty, what should you do with it? Clean it.

You can be in your early 20's or in your late 60's. It does not matter what age you are. You can still have a build up of toxins, parasites, metals, and other things that should be cleansed from your body. What you eat also dictates how badly you need to cleanse. Processed foods do not help, but no matter how healthy you are eating, you will still have build up in your body.

The best way to cleanse our body is to do a Natural Body Cleanse.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What are Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone
Kidney stones are a hard piece of crystals that gather in a kidney out of substances in the urine. Kidney stones, which are a painful urological disorder, have been in people for a long time. Unfortunately, kidney stones are some of the most common issues people have with their urinary tract. Each year, people will make a visit to health care providers and emergency rooms for kidney stone issues. Most kidney stones will pass through the body without needing help from a physician. Stones that cause long lasting symptoms can be fixed from various solutions, which most of them do not need major surgery.

A kidney stone is a hard mass that is formed from crystals that flow in the urine. Normally, urine consists of chemicals that prevent the crystals from turning into stones. Sometimes these chemicals do not work in every person, and some people will eventually form stones in the kidneys. If the pieces of crystals stay small enough, they can go through the urinary tract and leave the body along with the urine unnoticed. Kidney stones can have a various number of chemicals. One stone that is common contains some calcium with a mixture of phosphate or oxalate. The chemicals are from a normal person's diet and are for important body parts like muscles and bones.

A stone that is not as common is formed because of an infection in a person's urinary tract. This kind of stone is referred to as a struvite or infection stone. Another stone, called the urid acid stones, are not as common. The kidney stones that are rare are called Cystine stones. Those are some basics of kidney stones that can help clear up some questions. A stone can stay in the kidney or break free and go through the urinary tract. A tiny stone may leave the body without causing a lot of pain to the person. A big stone can get stuck in the ureter, bladder, or the urethra. A stone that is a problem can restrict the urine from flowing through and cause a lot of pain.

Kidney stones can be as tiny as grains of sand or they can be as big as a marble. Some kidney stones have actually been the size of a golf ball. Kidney stones can either be jagged or they can be smooth. The stone's color can be brown or yellow.

To keep stones from forming, you should drink a lot more water. It is helpful to drink at least 12 glasses of water. Consuming a lot of water can help flush the crystals and chemicals out that cause kidney stones. Some things you can also drink are lemon lime soda, fruit juice, and ginger ale. Water is the best way to prevent a build up. You should reduce or stop drinking caffeine quickly because it can cause you to lose fluid quickly. A doctor might also suggest you eat more of some food and cut back on others. As an example, if uric acid stones are the problem, you might be asked to consume less meat. Meat can break down and in turn make uric acid. If your kidneys are prone to make calcium oxalate stones, you could decrease the foods you eat that have high oxalate. Some of these foods are chocolate, beets, and spinach. A doctor also might give you medicine that can prevent the calcium and uric acid kidney stones from forming.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kidney Cleanse

A Kidney Cleanse is a process to flush the toxins from your kidneys. It is a good way to dissolve the highly harmful kidney stones. When there is a blip in your urinary system, toxins can start to accumulate and reduce your kidney's efficiency. By doing a kidney cleanse, the symptoms of having kidney stones are removed and the kidneys start to function normally. Cleansing also helps clear infections in the urinary tract. The vital function of a kidney cleanse is removing kidney stones.

Kidney stones are solid bits of crystals formed from remnants left from your urine. They are dissolved minerals from the urine and they slowly start to collect together to form kidney stones. The minerals in your urine are different salts that join together. Occasionally, salts get left on the inner surfaces of your kidneys. After crystals gather in the kidney for a long time, it can form stones of different sizes. The salts, which normally exit your body with urine, start to accumulate when there are high levels of salts. Improper functioning of your urinary system can also cause kidney stones to form. The increase of kidney stones can be eluded if you watch your food intake and perform a kidney cleanse.

Cleansing your Kidney of kidney stones is important because when kidney stones start to get larger, it makes it more difficult to urinate. The stones can prevent the urinate from passing through your ureter. This can lead to extreme pain in the flank, groin, and the lower abdomen. When a kidney stone passes, the crystals can have sharp edges and can do damage to your ureter. The kidney stones that damage the ureter when they pass through can cause blood to start showing in your urine. Besides the blood from appearing, stones can aid the presence of bacteria. One fuctions for kidneys to do is purify blood running through your body. The existence of kidney stones can cause a shift in your blood pressure and that can make your heart work harder than it should have to. All kidney stones are not able to be seen by x-ray systems, so the best way to keep kidney stones from forming in your body is to do a kidney cleanse.

There are a lot of ways to do a kidney cleanse. One popular way is the watermelon cleanse. There is also a lot of different herbal solutions for removing the stones from your kidneys. Another way is to do a juice or water fast. Besides these different ways, there are also a lot of homeopathic methods. cleansing the kidneys does not usually have side effects, but it is sometimes smart to get advice from a health professional before beginning a kidney cleanse.