Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Inexpensive Colon Cleanse

Right now you are going to learn about an inexpensive colon cleanse. This Colon Cleanse is also regarded as the Master Cleanse, Lemon Cleanse, Lemonade Cleanse, and Lemon Cleanse Diet. They are all different names, but they are the same thing. Since people got wind that Beyonce Knowles used this inexpensive colon cleanse, it grew extremely popular. It was even talked about on Oprah Winfrey's show. The main issue was this cleanse became more popular because it was viewed as a diet. A lot of people wanted to do this cleanse because they were told they will lose weight. A person can lose weight from this cleanse, but that is not the soul purpose of doing it.

This inexpensive colon cleanse is very simple. It is so simple, you might actually fail and quit the cleanse too early.

Here are the ingredients for this Lemon Cleanse:
* 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
* 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
* 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
* 10 oz of filtered water

That is it, nothing else. Now, this cleanse requires that you use fresh squeezed lemon juice. Do not bother taking this colon cleanse if you are not going to use the fresh squeezed lemons. Also, another important fact is you must also used Grade B Maple Syrup. This does not have all the added sugar and unnecessary things that are added to regular maple syrup you use at the breakfast table. The cayenne pepper helps keep your blood vessels open so your blood can flow better. That recipe above is enough for one serving. If you want you can make more servings like 4 or 5 at a time, but it must be consumed within the same day. To make it even more straight forward: if you make it in the morning, consume the lemon cleanse before the afternoon comes. Do not drink caffeine with this cleanse, as it just reverses what the cayenne pepper is trying to do.

Now, so far this inexpensive colon cleanse does not seem too hard. It has a small recipe list, and all you have to do is just drink it. Well, now you are going to hear the part where this cleanse gets difficult. You cannot eat or drink anything but this Lemon Cleanse and water for 10 days. Let me repeat that to make it clear. While on this Lemon Cleanse, all you are allowed to consume is Water and this Lemon Cleanse. This does sound hard, but when you get hungry, you should just make more of the Lemon Cleanse mixture and drink that. This drink has the vitamins and minerals that you need, so your body will be able to work with this cleanse. People have done this cleanse for a full 45 days. Yes, 45 days of only having the Lemon Cleanse and Water.

Ten days is the recommended and minimum time you should take this colon cleanse for. Hey, this colon cleanse is inexpensive. I did not say it was easy. If you want to see results from this cheap colon cleanse, then you need to stick it out for at least 10 days. Make sure you drink plenty of water to help flush toxins and all the other bad things out of your body. The first couple days will be the hardest, especially if you are tempted with regular food. Unless you have a strong will power, do not do this cleanse before a special event of yours. The next part is extremely important.

When you are done drinking this inexpensive colon cleanse, you must wean your body back to eating regular food. If you eat regular food like a steak the moment you are done with your lemon cleanse, you can have some serious problems. After 10 days of your body only processing this Lemon Cleanse, it is not ready to go full force and digesting regular food like a burger or anything.

  • The first day off of the Lemon Cleanse, you should only drink Orange Juice. If this does not settle well with you, you can dilute it with water, and add a couple table spoons of maple syrup to your Orange Juice.
  • Day two can be a small step up. You can drink Orange Juice, and you can also drink Fruit and/or Vegetable Juice. You should squeeze your own juice.
  • Third day you can begin to actually eat fruits and vegetables. Salads are also welcome, if you can eat it with no dressing, the better.
  • The fourth day off the Lemon Cleanse you can begin eating regular food. Make sure you eat is half fruits and vegetables, and maybe a healthy sandwich.
  • The fifth day you can go back to eating regular foods, but do not stuff yourself

Now you are done with your colon cleanse. The lemon cleanse is one way to do an Inexpensive Colon Cleanse.

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