Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kidney Cleanse

A Kidney Cleanse is a process to flush the toxins from your kidneys. It is a good way to dissolve the highly harmful kidney stones. When there is a blip in your urinary system, toxins can start to accumulate and reduce your kidney's efficiency. By doing a kidney cleanse, the symptoms of having kidney stones are removed and the kidneys start to function normally. Cleansing also helps clear infections in the urinary tract. The vital function of a kidney cleanse is removing kidney stones.

Kidney stones are solid bits of crystals formed from remnants left from your urine. They are dissolved minerals from the urine and they slowly start to collect together to form kidney stones. The minerals in your urine are different salts that join together. Occasionally, salts get left on the inner surfaces of your kidneys. After crystals gather in the kidney for a long time, it can form stones of different sizes. The salts, which normally exit your body with urine, start to accumulate when there are high levels of salts. Improper functioning of your urinary system can also cause kidney stones to form. The increase of kidney stones can be eluded if you watch your food intake and perform a kidney cleanse.

Cleansing your Kidney of kidney stones is important because when kidney stones start to get larger, it makes it more difficult to urinate. The stones can prevent the urinate from passing through your ureter. This can lead to extreme pain in the flank, groin, and the lower abdomen. When a kidney stone passes, the crystals can have sharp edges and can do damage to your ureter. The kidney stones that damage the ureter when they pass through can cause blood to start showing in your urine. Besides the blood from appearing, stones can aid the presence of bacteria. One fuctions for kidneys to do is purify blood running through your body. The existence of kidney stones can cause a shift in your blood pressure and that can make your heart work harder than it should have to. All kidney stones are not able to be seen by x-ray systems, so the best way to keep kidney stones from forming in your body is to do a kidney cleanse.

There are a lot of ways to do a kidney cleanse. One popular way is the watermelon cleanse. There is also a lot of different herbal solutions for removing the stones from your kidneys. Another way is to do a juice or water fast. Besides these different ways, there are also a lot of homeopathic methods. cleansing the kidneys does not usually have side effects, but it is sometimes smart to get advice from a health professional before beginning a kidney cleanse.

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